Music Library

Weston Youth Orchestra have a modest library of orchestral parts. Most of these parts may be hired – please contact us for more information.

Abba - Mamma Mia
Abba - Mamma Mia
Adams, J. - Short Ride in a Fast Machine
Adolphson, O. - Mitt Eget Land
Albinoni, T. - Adagio for Strings
Alfven, H. - Menuet
Anderson, L. - A Christmas Festival
Anderson, L. - Sleigh Ride
Ariosti, A. - Overture from Vespasian
Arne, T. - Artaxerxes
Arne, T. - Comus Dance
Arnold, M. - Bridge Over the River Kwai
Bach, J.S. - Anna Magdelena Suite
Bach, J.S. - Brandenberg Concerto no.3
Bach, J.S. - Brandenberg Concerto no.4
Bach, J.S. - Brandenberg Concerto no.5
Bach, J.S. - Concerto in A Minor
Bach, J.S. - Double Violin Concerto
Bach, J.S. - Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
Bach, J.S. - March in D
Bach, J.S. - Miniature Suite of Five Pieces
Bach, J.S. - Prelude and Fugue
Bach, J.S. - Rondeau
Bach, J.S. - Sheep May Safely Graze
Bach, J.S. - Sinfonia in D Major
Bach, J.S. - Suite in D
Badelt, K. - Pirates of the Caribbean
Barlow, G. - Sing
Barry, J. - Dances With Wolves
Bartok, B. - Music for Children
Bartok, B. - Ten Easy Pieces
Beatles - Symphonic Beatles
Beethoven, L.V. - Coriolanus
Beethoven, L.V. - Finale from Syphony no.5
Beethoven, L.V. - Minuet and Trio
Beethoven, L.V. - Minuet in G
Beethoven, L.V. - Overture from Fidelio
Beethoven, L.V. - Overture from Leonore
Beethoven, L.V. - Overture to Egmont
Beethoven, L.V. - Piano Concerto no.1
Beethoven, L.V. - Romance in F
Beethoven, L.V. - Symphony no.5 (BBC ed.)
Beethoven, L.V. - Symphony no.5 (Boosey ed.)
Beethoven, L.V. - Symphony no.5 (Hawkes ed.)
Beethoven, L.V. - Turkish March
Beethoven, L.V. - Two Minuets
Benjamin, A. - Jamaican Rhumba
Bennett, R.R. - Farnham Festival Overture
Bennett, R.R. - Party Piece
Bennett, R.R. - Suite for Orchestra
Berlioz, H. - Hungarian March
Bernstein, E. - The Magnificent Seven
Bernstein, L. - Mambo from West Side Story
Bernstein, L. - West Side Story
Binge, R. - Elizabethan Serenade
Bizet, G. - Carmen
Bizet, G. - Habanera
Bizet, G. - Jeux d'Enfants
Bizet, G. - L'Arleisienne
Bizet, G. - March from Carmen
Bizet, G. - Seguilldilla from Carmen
Bizet, G. - Symphony in C
Blow, J. - Venus and Adonis Suite
Boccherini, L. - Minuet
Bock, J. - Fiddler on the Roof
Boieldieu, F.A. - Overture to Calif of Baghdad
Borodin, A. - March of the Polotsvi
Borodin, A. - Polotsvian Dances 8 & 17
Borodin, A. - Symphony no.2, 1st mvt
Boyce, W. - Shepherd's Lottery Suite
Boyce, W. - Symphony no.7
Boyce, W. - Symphony no.8
Brahms, J. - Hungarian Dance no.5
Brahms, J. - Hungarian Dance no.5 (arr. Carse)
Brahms, J. - Hungarian Dance no.6
Brahms, J. - Hungarian Dance no.6 (arr. Carse)
Brahms, J. - Symphony no.4
Brahms, J. - Three Hungarian Dances
Britten, B. - Five Courtly Dances
Britten, B. - Matinees Musicales
Britten, B. - Noye's Fludde
Britten, B. - Soirees Musicales
Brown, S. - String Quartet no.2
Bruch, M. - Kol Nidrei
Bruch, M. - Violin Concerto
Bruckner, A. - March and Three Pieces
Caludi, A. - Sambor Csardas
Carse, A. - Three Waltzes
Carse, A. - Town and Country Tunes
Chabrier, E. - Le Roi Malgre Lui - Dance Slave
Chopin, F. - Piano Concerto
Cimarosa, D. - Double Flute Concerto
Cimarosa, D. - Overture to Gli Orazi e Curiozi
Cimarosa, D. - Overture to Il Matrimanio Segreto
Cimarosa, D. - Overture to L'Impresario in Augustie
Clarke, P. - From Worlebury Hill
Clifford, H. - Studies in Orchestral Ensemble
Coates, E. - The Dambusters
Coates, E. - The Three Elizabeths
Coleridge-Taylor, S. - Petite Suite de Concert
Copland, E. - Down a Country Lane
Copland, E. - Hoe Down from Rodeo
Copland, E. - Hoe Down from Rodeo
Copland, E. - Shaker Melody
Corelli, A. - Christmas Concerto
Corelli, A. - Oboe Concerto
Couperin, F. - Suite of Pieces
Curzon, F. - March of the Bowmen
Custer, C. - Themes from 007
Daquin, L. - The Cuckoo
Darke, H. - Brother James Air
Debussy, C. - Ballet Petite Suite
Delibes, L. - Le Roi s'Amuse
Delius, F. - Intermezzo and Serenade from Hassam
Delius, F. - On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring
Dittersdorf, D.V. - Symphony in D
Docker, R. - Pizzicato Minuet
Dunhill, T. - Pastime and Good Company
Dvorak, A. - Memories of Dvorak
Dvorak, A. - Serenade for Strings
Dvorak, A. - Slavonic Dance no.4
Dvorak, A. - Slavonic Dance no.6
Dvorak, A. - Slavonic Dance Op.46 No.1
Dvorak, A. - Slavonic Dance Op.46 No.3
Dvorak, A. - Slavonic Dance Op.46 No.8 (arr. Perry)
Dvorak, A. - Slavonic Dance Op.46 No.8 (arr. Stone)
Dvorak, A. - Slavonic Dances no's 4 & 6
Dvorak, A. - Slavonic Dances Op.46 Nos.4&6
Dvorak, A. - Slavonic Dances Op.72 Nos.1-4
Dvorak, A. - Symphony no.5
Dvorak, A. - Symphony no.8
Dvorak, A. - Waltz in F
Elfman, D. - The Simpsons
Elgar, E. - Chanson de Matin
Elgar, E. - Chanson de Nuit
Elgar, E. - Enigma Variations
Elgar, E. - Idylle
Elgar, E. - Land of Hope and Glory
Elgar, E. - Pomp and Cicumstance
Elgar, E. - Pomp and Cicumstance (arr. Stone)
Elgar, E. - Pomp and Cicumstance (Kaleidescope ed.)
Elgar, E. - Salut d'Amour
Elgar, E. - Selections from The Bavarian Highlands
Elgar, E. - Serenade (Wand of Youth)
Elgar, E. - Serenade for Strings
Faure, G. - Apres un Reve
Faure, G. - Elegie
Faure, G. - Pavane
Faure, G. - Sicilienne
Finck, H. - Christmas Memories
Fischer, J.C. - Concerto for Oboe and Strings
Fischer, J.C. - Strings Suite
Fletcher, P.E. - Folk Tune and Fiddle Dance
Fletcher, P.E. - The Spirit of Pageantry
Foster, A. - A Sword Dance Suite
Friedemann, C. - Slavonic Rhapsody
Gardel, C. - Por Una Cabeza
German, E. - Merrie England Selections
Gershwin, G. - An American in Paris Suite
Gershwin, G. - Melodies
Giacchino, M. - The Incredibles
Gibbs, A. - Fancy Dress
Gibilaro, A. - Fantasia on British Airs
Glinka, M. - Overture to Russlan and Ludmilla
Gluck, W. - Che Faro
Gluck, W. - Dance of the Blessed Spirits
Gluck, W. - Iphigenie in Aulis
Gluck, W. - Three Movements from Orpheus
Gossec, F. - Tambourin
Gounod, C. - Faust Ballet Music
Gounod, C. - Melodies from Faust
Grainger, P. - Country Gardens
Granados, E. - Villanesca
Gray, B. - Thunderbirds
Greenwood, J. - The Acrobat
Grieg, E. - Ein Schwan
Grieg, E. - Elegaic
Grieg, E. - Holberg Suite
Grieg, E. - In the Hall of the Mountain King
Grieg, E. - Norwegian Dances 1 & 2
Grieg, E. - Norwegian Dances 3 & 4
Grieg, E. - Peer Gynt
Grieg, E. - Piano Concerto
Grieg, E. - Selection of Norweigan Dances and Songs Op.17
Grieg, E. - Solveig's Song
Grieg, E. - Symphonic Dance
Grieg, E. - Three Pieces from Sigurd Jorsalfar
Grieg, E. - Two Lyric Pieces
Handel, G.F. - Air from the Water Music
Handel, G.F. - Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Handel, G.F. - Concerto Grosso Op.6 No.12
Handel, G.F. - Concerto in Bb for Piano and Orchestra
Handel, G.F. - Fantasia in C
Handel, G.F. - Four Melodies
Handel, G.F. - March from Scipio
Handel, G.F. - Minuet from Overture to Berenice
Handel, G.F. - Musette and March in D
Handel, G.F. - Oratorio from Occasional Overture
Handel, G.F. - Overture to Theodora
Handel, G.F. - Overture to Theodora (arr. Jacob)
Handel, G.F. - The Royal Fireworks Suite
Handel, G.F. - The Water Music Suite (arr. Harty)
Handel, G.F. - Three Movements from The Water Music (arr. Carse)
Handel, G.F. - Three Tunes
Handel, G.F. - Two Overtures
Hansen, E. - Little Norwegian Suite
Haydn, J. - Adagio and Presto
Haydn, J. - Cello Concerto in D
Haydn, J. - Der Sturm
Haydn, J. - Divertimento
Haydn, J. - Minuet and Trio
Haydn, J. - Moderato and Allegro
Haydn, J. - Symphony in Bb Op.10 No.2
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.100
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.101 (Clock)
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.104
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.15
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.4
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.45
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.5
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.85
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.92
Haydn, J. - Symphony No.97
Haydn, J. - Toy Symphony
Haydn, J. - Trumpet Concerto
Haydn, J. - Violin Concerto in G
Henson, J. - The Muppet Show
Henton, S. - Trumpet Fantasia
Herold, F. - Clog Dance
Hess, N. - Classic Adventure
Hess, N. - Dangerfield
Hess, N. - Fantasy from Ladies in Lavender
Hess, N. - Hetty Wainthropp
Hess, N. - Maigret
Hess, N. - Piano Concerto 2nd mvt
Hess, N. - Wycliffe
Hindemith, P. - EinJager Aus Kurfalz
Hoffmeister, F. - Viola Concerto
Hollyoak, S. - Spanish Ladies
Holst, H. - Somerset Rhapsody
Holst, H. - St. Pauls Suite
Holst, H. - Theme from Mars
Holst, H. - World In Union
Horner, J. - Titanic
Horowitz, J. - A Suite for Strings
Hoyt, C. - The Flintstones
Huggens, T. - Chorale & Rock Out
Hummel, J. - Introduction for Oboe and Orchestra
Hummel, J. - Trumpet Concerto
Hurwitz, J. - Selections from La La Land
Ippolitov-Ivanov - Procession of the Sardar
Ives, C. - The Circus Band
Jackson, M. - Michael Jackson Medley
Jarre, M. - Overture to Lawrence of Arabia
Jenkins, K. - Palladio
Jennings, P. - Where No Man Has Gone Before
John, E. - The Lion King
Kander, J. - Cabaret
Kander, J. - Chicago
Keler, B. - Overture to Lustspiel
Ketelbey, A. - In a Camp of the Ancient Britons
Ketelbey, A. - Sanctuary of the Heart
Keyper, F. - Romance
Khachaturian, A. - Galop from Masquerade
Khachaturian, A. - Gopak
Khachaturian, A. - Lezghinka from Gayaneh
Khachaturian, A. - Sabre Dance
Khachaturian, A. - Waltz from Masquerade
Krein, J. - Gypsy Carnival
Krogstad, B. - Curtain Up
Kurpinski, K. - Overture to Dwie Chatki
Larsson, L. - Intrada
Larsson, L. - Winter's Tale
Lehar, F. - Gold and Silver Waltz
Leigh, W. - Piano Concertino
Leighton, K. - Festive Overture
Liadov, A. - Liten Marsch
Liadov, A. - Russian Folk Songs Set Two
Linda, S. - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Litolff, H. - Scherzo from Concerto Symphonique
Lloyd-Webber, A. - Jesus Christ Superstar
Lloyd-Webber, A. - Joseph & His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
Lloyd-Webber, A. - The Magic of Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lloyd-Webber, A. - The Phantom of the Opera
Loewe, F. - Selections from My Fair Lady
Lopez, V. - Frozen
Lully, J.B. - Overture to Thesee
Lunn, J. - Downton Abbey Suite
Mac Cunn, H. - The Land of the Mountain and the Flood
Macdowell, E. - Woodland Sketches
Marks, J. - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Marquez, A. - Danzon no.2
Mascagni, P. - Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana
Massenet, J. - Meditation from Thais
May, K. - Viking Voyage
Mehler, A. - Three Swedish Folk Dances
Mendelssohn, F. - Dance of the Clowns
Mendelssohn, F. - Italian Symphony Part 1
Mendelssohn, F. - Italian Symphony Part 2
Mendelssohn, F. - Italian Symphony Part 3
Mendelssohn, F. - Italian Symphony Part 4
Mendelssohn, F. - Italian Symphony Parts 2 & 3
Mendelssohn, F. - Notturno aus dem Sommernachtstraum
Mendelssohn, F. - Piano Concerto no.1
Mendelssohn, F. - Rondo Capriccioso
Menken, A. - Aladdin
Menken, A. - Beauty and the Beast
Milne, J. - Airs from the Beggar's Opera
Monti, V. - Czardas
Morand, P. - Trepak
Moross, J. - The Big Country
Morricone, E. - Chi Mai
Morricone, E. - Gabriel's Oboe
Mozart, W.A. - Allegro in C
Mozart, W.A. - Alleluja from Exultate Jubilate
Mozart, W.A. - Andante from Piano Concerto K570
Mozart, W.A. - Ave Verum Corpus
Mozart, W.A. - Bassoon Concerto
Mozart, W.A. - Ein Musikalischer Spass
Mozart, W.A. - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Mozart, W.A. - Flute & Harp Concerto
Mozart, W.A. - Horn Concerto No.3
Mozart, W.A. - Les Petits Riens
Mozart, W.A. - Menuet from Symphony No.40
Mozart, W.A. - Miniature Serenade
Mozart, W.A. - Minuett K355 & Gigue K574
Mozart, W.A. - Overture to Cosi Fan Tutti
Mozart, W.A. - Overture to Don Giovanni
Mozart, W.A. - Overture to Idomeneo
Mozart, W.A. - Overture to Il Re Pastore
Mozart, W.A. - Overture to Seraglio
Mozart, W.A. - Overture to The Magic Flute (Boosey ed.)
Mozart, W.A. - Overture to The Magic Flute (Breitkoph ed.)
Mozart, W.A. - Overture to The Marriage of Figaro
Mozart, W.A. - Piano Concerto No.23
Mozart, W.A. - Piu Non Si Trovano
Mozart, W.A. - Sleigh Ride
Mozart, W.A. - Symphony No.29
Mozart, W.A. - Symphony No.3
Mozart, W.A. - Symphony No.38
Mozart, W.A. - Symphony No.39
Mozart, W.A. - Symphony No.40
Mozart, W.A. - Symphony No.41
Mozart, W.A. - Three Movements from Divertimenti K252 & K131
Mozart, W.A. - Three Salzburg Symphonies
Mozart, W.A. - Two Waltzes
Mozart, W.A. - Violin Concerto No.3
Mozart, W.A. - Violin Concerto No.4
Mozart, W.A. - Voi Che Sapete
Mussorgsky, M. - Gopak
Mussorgsky, M. - Night on a Bare Mountain (BBC ed.)
Mussorgsky, M. - Promenade and Gnome
Mussorgsky, M. - The Great Gate of Kiev
Mussorgsky, M. - The Old Castle
Mussorgsky, M. - Theme and Finale from Pictures at an Exhibition
Nicolai, O. - Overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor
Nielsen, C. - Aladdin
Nott, J. - Wallace and Gromit
Nowak, J. - Rock n Roll Explosion
Offenbach, J. - Overture to Orpheus in the Underworld (Boosey ed.)
Offenbach, J. - Overture to Orpheus in the Underworld (Kalmus ed.)
Pachelbel, J. - Canon
Paganini, N. - 24th Caprice
Parry, H. - Jerusalem
Pearson, J. - Hungarian Waltz
Perry, H. - Concertino for Violin and Orchestra
Pola, E. - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Post, M. - Theme from The A Team
Prokofiev, S. - Gavotte from the Classical Symphony
Prokofiev, S. - March from The Love of the Three Oranges
Prokofiev, S. - Troika
Puccini, G. - Grande Fantasie from Madame Butterfly
Purcell, H. - A Midsummer Nights Dream Parts 1 & 2
Purcell, H. - Air and Rondo
Purcell, H. - King Arthur Suite
Purcell, H. - Ode for St. Cecillia's Day 1683
Purcell, H. - Suite in C
Purcell, H. - The Married Beau Suite
Purcell, H. - The Rival Sisters
Purcell, H. - The Virtuous Wife Suite
Purcell, H. - Three Tunes
Purcell, H. - Trumpet Concerto
Purcell, H. - Trumpet Tune and Air
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Rauzzini, V. - Air in G
Ravel, M. - Pavane pour une Infante Defunte
Rieding, O. - Violin Concerto
Rimsky-Korsakov, N. - Capriccio Espagnol
Rimsky-Korsakov, N. - Dance of the Tumblers (arr. Finch)
Rimsky-Korsakov, N. - Dance of the Tumblers (arr. Stone)
Rimsky-Korsakov, N. - Trombone Concerto
Rodgers, R. - The Sound of Music
Roman, J. - Suite for Orchestra
Rossini, G. - Ballet Music from William Tell
Rossini, G. - Overture to Il Signor Bruschino
Rossini, G. - Overture to Italian Girl in Algiers (Ascher ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to Italian Girl in Algiers (Boosey ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to Italian Girl in Algiers (Fentone ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to Italian Girl in Algiers (Masters ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to Semiramide
Rossini, G. - Overture to Tancredi (Boosey ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to Tancredi (Fentone ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to The Barber of Seville (Boosey ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to The Barber of Seville (Breitkoph ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to The Silken Ladder
Rossini, G. - Overture to The Theiving Magpie (Boosey ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to The Theiving Magpie (Fentone ed.)
Rossini, G. - Overture to William Tell
Rossini, G. - Tarantella
Rossini, G. - Una Voce Poco Far
Rowley, A. - Miniature Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Saint-Saens, C. - Dance Macabre
Saint-Saens, C. - Danse Bacchanale
Saint-Saens, C. - Introduction and Rondo Cappricioso (Durand ed.)
Saint-Saens, C. - Introduction and Rondo Cappricioso (Kalmus ed.)
Saint-Saens, C. - Romance for Flute
Scarlatti, A. - Suite of Works
Scarlatti, A. - Tocatta, Aria, Minuetto, Giga
Schifrin, L. - Mission Impossible
Schoenberg, C.M. - Les Miserables
Schoenberg, C.M. - Miss Saigon
Schubert, F. - Ballet Music from Rosamunde (arr. Carse)
Schubert, F. - Ballet Music from Rosamunde (Durand ed.)
Schubert, F. - Fantasie
Schubert, F. - Four Songs
Schubert, F. - Four Waltzes
Schubert, F. - Minuet from Symphony No.3
Schubert, F. - Overture to Alfonso und Estrella
Schubert, F. - Overture to Rosamunde
Schubert, F. - Rosamunda - Ballet Music No.2
Schubert, F. - Symphony No.5
Schubert, F. - Symphony No.7
Schubert, F. - Symphony No.8 (Unfinished)
Schumann, R. - Piano Concerto in A Minor
Schwartz, S. - Wicked
Shaiman, M. - Hairspray
Shore, H. - Lord of the Rings Suite
Sibelius, J. - Alla March from The Karelia Suite
Sibelius, J. - Finlandia
Sibelius, J. - Karelia Suite
Sibelius, J. - Pelleas et Melisande Suite
Silvestri, A. - Polar Express
Smetana, B. - Overture to The Bartered Bride
Smetana, B. - Polka from The Bartered Bride
Smetana, B. - The Bartered Bride Suite
Smetana, B. - Theme from The Two Widows
Smetana, B. - Vltava (Fentone ed.)
Smetana, B. - Vltava (Prague ed.)
Sontonga, E. - South African National Anthem
Sousa, J. - Sousa on Parade
Stamitz, J. - Rococo Symphony
Stone, D. - Nocturne and Caprice
Strauss, J. - Annem Polka
Strauss, J. - Der Rosenkavalier Waltz
Strauss, J. - Overture to Der Fledermaus
Strauss, J. - Pizzicato Polka
Strauss, J. - Radetsky March
Strauss, J. - Roses from the South
Strauss, J. - Selections from Die Fledermaus
Strauss, J. - Stories of the Vienna Forest
Strauss, J. - Thunder and Lightning Polka
Sullivan, A. - Selections from Gondoliers
Sullivan, A. - Selections from The Mikado
Suppe, F.V. - Overture to Light Cavalry
Suppe, F.V. - Overture to Morning Noon and Night
Suppe, F.V. - Overture to Poet and Peasant
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Humouresque
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Marche Slave
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Nutcracker Suite Part 1 (Boosey ed.)
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Nutcracker Suite Part 1 (Breitkoph ed.)
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Nutcracker Suite Part 2
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Scherzo
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Serenade for Strings (Boosey ed.)
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Serenade for Strings (IMSLP ed.)
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Sleeping Beauty Suite
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Suite Tozioro Tobedie
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Swan Lake Suite
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Symphony No.6
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Three Pieces from Swan Lake
Tchaikovsky, P.I. - Waltz Memories
Telemann, G. - Viola Concerto
Thiman, E. - Dance for a Children's Party
Thomas, A. - Overture to Mignon
Thomas, A. - Overture to Raymond (Boosey ed.)
Thomas, A. - Overture to Raymond (Kalmus ed.)
Torelli, G. - Trumpet Concerto (Breitkoph ed.)
Torelli, G. - Trumpet Concerto (Musica Rara ed.)
Trad. - Pan F'or Nos Yn Hir
Trad. - Selections from Lord of the Dance
Ungar, J. - Ashokan Farewell
Valens, R. - La Bamba
Van Koch, E. - Nordic Capriccio
Vangelis - Chariots of Fire
Vaughan-Williams, R. - Cavatina for Strings
Vaughan-Williams, R. - English Folk Song Suite
Vaughan-Williams, R. - March Past of the Kitchen Utensils
Vaughan-Williams, R. - Three Preludes on Welsh Hymns no.2
Vaughan-Williams, R. - Three preludes on Welsh Hymns no.3
Verdi, G. - Grand March from Aida
Verdi, G. - Overture to The Force of Destiny
Verdi, G. - Selections from La Traviata
Village People - YMCA
Vivaldi, A. - Cello Concerto in E Minor
Vivaldi, A. - Concerto Grosso in A Min.
Vivaldi, A. - Double Cello Concerto
Vivaldi, A. - Four Violin Concerto (Barenreiter ed.)
Vivaldi, A. - Four Violin Concerto (Ricordi ed.)
Vivaldi, A. - Gloria
Vivaldi, A. - Spring
Wagner, arr. - Cirque du Soleil Selections
Wagner, R. - March from The Mastersingers
Wagner, R. - Melodies from Lohengrin
Walters, H. - Hootenanny
Walters, H. - Instant Concert
Walton, W. - Four Dances
Warlock, P. - The Capriol Suite
Weber, C.M. - Clarinet Concertino
Weber, C.M. - Clarinet Concerto No.1 (Fentone ed.)
Weber, C.M. - Clarinet Concerto No.1 (Peters ed.)
Weber, C.M. - Clarinet Concerto No.2
Weber, C.M. - Overture to Der Freischutz
Weber, C.M. - Overture to Euryanthe
Weber, C.M. - Overture to Oberon
Weber, C.M. - Overture to Peter Schmoll
Weinberger, J. - Polka from Schwanda The Bagpiper
Wieniawski, H. - Legende
Wilkinson, P. - Miniature Symphony
Williams, J. - Great Movie Adventures
Williams, J. - Indiana Jones
Williams, J. - Jurrasic Park
Williams, J. - Schindler's List
Williams, J. - Selections from Harry Potter
Williams, J. - Soundtrack Highlights
Williams, J. - Star Wars
Woodhouse, C. - Clowns Dance
Woodhouse, C. - Eastern Dance
Woodhouse, C. - Empire Day Selection
Woodhouse, C. - Peasant Dance
Woodhouse, C. - Processional March
Woodhouse, C. - Rustic Dance